Brand promoter:

Brand promoter:

RadioVoice24 is the first Live Bangla Online Radio in Bangladesh in its kind, is broadcasting Internet 24 hours live program on Internet.

To promote radio voice we have more then 56 promoter all over the country. |Their main work is to promote our online radio in all possible spare of society.

Marketing division:

We believe in advertisement and in that case we have almost 15 marketing executives who are continuously knocking the possible clients and follow up the existing clients all the year round.

Administrative division:

Foe this big team Radio Voice have strong administrative team consisting 5 members. They are always working deliver the best services for our clients and listeners. They plan,record, monitor and motivate the total team.


RadioVoice24 is always focusing on there listener and clients satisfaction and that is ourmain motto.

Current listener of RadioVoice24:

We are very proud to announce that just stepping on the second year of our establishment we already have 90,000+ listeners from all over the country and another good news is that we have listener from more then 32 countries including Bangladesh.